Concrete never looked so good

Bringing beautiful driveways to life since 2004, Jace Decorative Concreting is a family owned company with a passion for outdoor living and a reputation for excellence.

Concrete is a vital part of any home. It sets the foundations for the family life that goes on around it. Driveways, outdoor patios or garden features - from providing safe environments for your family to beautifying and adding value to your home, at Jace Decorative Concreting we understand how important concrete is.

Our small team of experienced professionals rely on the same proven methods of concreting and driveway maintenance that have seen us grow across Brisbane, Ipswich, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast over the past decade and more. Our secret is simple. We love what we do.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable team to help transform your concrete patio from ordinary to extraordinary. Or, you’re thinking about updating your time-worn driveway. Jace Decorative Concreting has the attention to detail, focus on quality and proven track record to help.

Across 13 years we’ve built a reputation for providing quality work that stands the test of time. With minimal maintenance and lasting appeal, we provide the satisfaction of getting value for money by investing in products that will still stand out for years to come.

Beautifying your home from the ground up. Concrete never looked so good.

Our Services

Concrete Stencilling & Resurfacing

Decorative concrete is the building block of a lasting home. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

A good concreter understands where the product is best suited. A great concreter understands how it best looks as well. That’s what sets us apart. Jace Decorative Concreting have over thirteen years experience delivering a quality and enduring product with a lasting ‘Wow’ factor.

Let us help you find your perfect fit. Expanding your patio and need to colour match your new floor? We can help. Looking to repave your driveway to increase the value of your property? We can help with that too. Whatever goal you have for you concrete surface, Jace Decorative Concreting is the proven solution.

Our product knowledge comes with specialised labour, not just trained to complete all tasks with exceptional service, but backed by over ten years working in and around Brisbane to give us the competitive edge when it comes to your decorative concrete needs. We don’t just work in the community. We’re a part of the community. We know what it takes to make your home stand out and we’ll bring our experience and resources to make sure your design goals are met.

Our range of decorative concrete includes;


One of the most common decorative designs, plain concrete can be lightly smoothed with trowel and broom finishes to improve traction. It is the workhorse of our collection. What it lacks in visual design it more than makes up for in quality and longevity.

Coloured concrete

We have an extensive range of colours to choose from, designed specifically to match the surrounding brick, stone or wood of your home. Please contact us for more details on the diverse range of colours we have available.

Custom stencils

Providing the ultimate flexibility in decorative concrete, custom stencils can be tailored to match any theme you envision.


Exposed concrete is created by removing the surface of your concrete, leaving the internal aggregates (sand or small stones) exposed. This highlights the natural element of the stone and is an ideal choice for outdoor areas with a heavily exposed finish, perfect for driveways and high foot traffic locations.


Removing an aged and damaged concrete surface and replacing with a new, rejuvenated finish, can transform a driveway or patio. The facelift of concreting, this will add years in longevity and value to your property.

We also offer Stylepave concrete resurfacing. servicing all Brisbane metropolitan suburbs.

Independently owned and operated by Jace, Jace Decorative Concreting has been in the concrete resurfacing industry for over 15 years, with the knowledge and experience to provide the right advice and quality workmanship for the complete transformation of your living space.


The concrete resurfacing system, Stylepave, is a spray on process applying cement based coloured concrete coatings onto your existing concrete to completely transform the appearance.


Stylepave is a spray on, cement based, polymer modified, two part concrete resurfacing system. Its application process involves:

  • Cut all expansion joints along walls and driveway to remove excess debris from concrete

  • Cut existing cracks in concrete in preparation for treatment, if required

  • Grind all imperfections as required

  • High pressure clean, with 4200 PSI, to remove all contaminants

  • Once completely dry, treat cracks with concrete crack mender

  • When mender is cured, grind back to a level finish

  • Spray one coat of polymer primer as a bonding agent

  • Apply one base coat of Stylepave resurfacing cement by use of troweling or squeeging to rectify most imperfections on concrete

  • If your concrete has existing stencil or pattern you must have at least 3 layers of base coat. Pebble crete or exposed aggregate has at least 2 layers of base coat

  • After base coat is applied, all appropriate areas adjacent to the site will be covered to prevent any overspray whilst spray on technique is applied.

  • A stencil or hand taped design will then be laid on the concrete

  • Two top coats of Stylepave resurfacing cement (with your choice of colour) will then be sprayed on. The first coat for coverage and the second coat for textured finish

  • Once final coat is dry, all masking and stencil is removed

  • Resurfaced concrete is then cleaned down to remove residue

  • Lastly, 2 coats of resurfacing sealer will be applied which significantly improves the appearance and value to your premises.


    A polymer modifier is a liquid substance which, when mixed with cement, increases bonding strength, reduces permeability, increases the flexural, tensile, impact and abrasion strength while improving the overall toughness of the cement.


    Concrete crack mender is a revolutionary two part hybrid urethane for filling cracks. Its MFG for deep penetration into the crack, not like epoxy which can pop out.


    Resurfacing sealer involves curing to promote durability of the hardened surface coating and aids surface cleaning and maintenance for owners.

Plain Concrete Trowel Finish


Jace Decorative Concreting can replace or install a new driveway, patio or footpath for your home. We handle all aspects of the project, from planning and site preparation to pouring and finishing to ensure you get a strong, durable and attractive result. Along with traditional concrete, we offer exposed aggregate and coloured concrete options and offer a range of finishing textures. We can also install new street crossover, invert and kerbing as per your councils specifications.

Contact us today for a quote.


Are you putting up a new garage or shed? Whether it is big or small, a strong, properly installed concrete floor should last the lifetime of the building. Jace Decorative Concreting are experts in the preparation and installation of reinforced concrete garage and shed floors. We can install your floor prior to the building of the structure, or prepare and install your slab after the structure is complete. We will ensure that the floor installed will be the correct strength for the use of your structure, and will make the process easy from quoting right through to the site preparation, pouring and finishing.

Contact us to talk about your next shed or garage project.


There are many creative possibilities when laying a new carport, patio or veranda slab. Coloured concrete, exposed aggregate, Stylepave spray or even diamond cut control joints can create an amazing finished result. We also custom design floor patterns and features to suit your design goals. There are a large number of options and looks available, so if you have something in mind, or would like us to provide some inspiration, contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Have a look at our gallery to see some of the projects that have used exposed aggregate and concrete resurfacing Stylepave to great effect.


Jace Decorative Concreting are experienced in the installation of foundations for industrial structures. The finished slab must have the strength to handle years of hard, constant, and heavy use. A correctly prepared site, proper installation, specified steel reinforcing, and expert pouring and finishing are required to ensure that the slab will not have any major cracking and will stand the test of time.

Talk to our experts and contact us to ensure a top quality result for your industrial concrete project.


The correct site preparation for your concrete project, regardless of its size or complexity can make the difference between an attractive, durable and long lasting finish and a mediocre result which may not stand the test of time. Jace Decorative Concreting have years of experience in excavating and site preparation to produce an outstanding finished result. We can also work to your engineer/architect/builders specifications and welcome consultation and collaboration.

Contact us to discuss your project regardless of whether it is big or small.

Light Exposed Aggregate Concrete

At Jace Decorative Concreting we have a vast range of exposed concrete options available. Exposed aggregate is a decorative concrete that looks as great today as it will tomorrow, with durability and aesthetic value a hallmark of this design style.
Exposed aggregate is the decorative concrete that gives you limitless natural looks with enduring performance.


If you would like to have that indoor-outdoor connection and a natural look in a hard wearing material, then exposed aggregate is a perfect choice for your driveway, alfresco, path or pool surround. More than that, it will never look like your neighbours so your home will constantly stand out. It will also contrast well with normal concrete and other decorative treatments like stencilling, stamping and coloured concrete.
The level of aggregate exposure can range from heavy to light, depending on the style and design of your project.


Unlike competing sedimentary materials, like sandstone, that are compacted and forced together, exposed aggregate concrete is composed of inert materials bound into homogenous mass. This means exposed aggregate concrete has extremely high compressive strength and abrasion resistance.

Exposed aggregate uses liquid colour and liquid pigments, based on iron oxides, to add colour. This means that the colour completely permeates the concrete, so that even if your surfaces are damaged, the colour will remain and the damage will not stand out. Exposed aggregate concrete also has an automated liquid pigment system for accuracy and traceability
On top of this, exposed aggregate is fade resistant to weather and the sun, including ultraviolet light (UV).


The limitless range of colours can be enhanced further, using a different finish for added effect. For example, heavy exposure increases slip resistance, which makes it even more suitable for high traffic areas.
In contrast, light exposure reveals the fine aggregates (sand) and a few stones of the coarse aggregate. Or, opt for heavy exposure to reveal more stone, resulting in the aggregate protruding from the concrete surface.


Unlike timber decks, there's no re-oiling needed with exposed aggregate. Nor is there any need to clean discoloured grout, as there is with tiles. Colours are fade resistant and even uncoloured exposed aggregate just needs a hose and a broom every now and again.

Concrete Resealing

At Jace Decorative Concreting we highly recommend you to seal your stencil concrete, coloured concrete and exposed aggregate concrete.
We recommend an acrylic sealer.


Acrylic sealers are the most widely used concrete coating due to their economical pricing, relatively easy application, UV resistant properties, and suitability for recoating. They are often the preferred coating for highly decorative substrates/finishes. The benefits of an acrylic sealer include:

  • Protecting the substrate from the effects of weather and surface abrasion
  • Reducing surface staining, marking and graffiti
  • Enhancing the colour and lustre of the substrate
  • Reducing cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Restricting the flow of lime through concrete surface capillaries
  • Retaining consistent colour in integrally coloured concrete

The lifespan of a sealer is dependent on the intensity of the abrasion, chemical, and weathering factors that it is subjected to.

On a residential driveway, the first application of an acrylic sealer will last for approximately 2 years. After recoating, the life-span can increase up to 4 years before a further application is required.

In a busy commercial environment, the life-span of an acrylic sealer is approximately 1-2 years before reapplication is required. In contrast, urethane and epoxy sealers will last much longer in commercial environments, with reapplication not normally required until 4 years after the initial application.

Penetrating sealers vary but will generally require re-sealing every 3-5 years, depending on exposure to weather, pollutants, and the volume of foot traffic.

Before any sealing application is applied, the floor must be acid washed and pressure cleaned with a 4000 psi gerni with powerhead. At Jace Decorative concreting this procedure is included in the cost of the resealing application.

Epoxy Flooring


The world of surfaces has changed forever. The ultimate in decorative flooring, Galaxy provides limitless design and flexibility.

Galaxy's polymer flooring products provide a hard-wearing seamless surface which gives great strength and durability with fantastic design flexibility.

Design ideas are only limited by your imagination. You can create floors to suit your every need - from cutting edge feature floors, to unique treatments for kitchens, entertainment areas, laundries, rumpus rooms and garages.

Water-based epoxy products provide an easy to use and durable option, while an epoxy flake floor can create a real wow factor.


Durable, easy to use and economical

Water-based epoxy flooring provides a durable protective solid colour coating to your internal concrete floor. Galaxy’s water-based epoxy system is low-odour, quick drying and provides a hard-wearing low-sheen finish which can be tinted to a range of practical colours. It is an easy to use two part system where Part A and Part B are mixed in equal quantities.

Galaxy’s waterbased epoxy products are ideal for your garage floor or rumpus room and can also be used for light commercial floors. If you would prefer a gloss finish, the coated surface can be sealed with Galaxy Polyurethane Sealer.


Create your own designer look with a hard wearing epoxy floor coating incorporating decorative flakes. A decorative flake floor provides a great alternative to other types of floor coatings and allows you to create your own unique look. It is a durable seamless finish for internal concrete floors and can be used for both domestic and commercial applications. Galaxys epoxy flake flooring system is the ideal way to transform your garage floor or rumpus room.

Pressure Cleaning

Have you forgotten what colour your patio is? Or what design your driveway has? If so, you might be due for a driveway and patio pressure clean. Offering high pressuring cleaning services that transform your surfaces and restore them to their former glory, Jace Decorative Concreting is ready to do the dirty work to get your surfaces sparkling.

It’s tempting to try and clean your surfaces yourself. But using pressure cleaning, using water ejected at high pressure, requires a professional touch. Different surfaces require varying water pressures and techniques. What may clean your driveway could damage your patio. Or worse, destroy your lawn.

When it comes to your concrete surfaces, time is the enemy. Weeds take root between concrete pavers. Driveways become dirty and worn out. Regular cleaning is the best remedy for damage over time. Our modern cleaning machinery designed for paved surfaces, concrete driveways and outdoor patios is designed to remove all forms of grime buildup from dirt, mould and moss to fuel emissions, salt deposits and debris.

Leave the dirty work to us, get in touch today and bring your faded surfaces back to life!

Landscaping & Retaining Walls

When it comes to landscaping, a little goes a long way. Simple changes like adding a retaining wall can enhance the value of a property, both visually and on the market. Have you been thinking about updating your yard? Or, are you looking for someone to talk to about your landscaping options? Jace Decorative Concreting is here to help.

Reclaiming sloped land. Adding decorative value. Protection against soil erosion. Retaining walls are a highly functional addition to any yard, able to withstand the worst of the elements with a durable and long lasting concrete construction.

A well crafted retaining wall opens up an entire yard. Turning steep hillsides into manageable plots where you can let your Green Thumb go wild. Capitalise on the transformative properties of your yard and let us help. With over thirteen years experience sculpting the yards of the Queensland communities we’ve come to know and love, we’ve got the tools to help your yard grow.

Bobcat, Excavator & Dingo Hire

If you’re looking to get some serious landscaping work done, you’ll be in need of a couple of things. A little help from some heavy machinery. And a lot of hard yakka. Here at Jace Decorative Concreting we’re happy to lend both.

Earth moving can be a difficult process. Turf. Tree roots. Embedded stones. Beautifying your yard presents challenges. Not only will you need to be able to operate substantial machinery to tackle these but you need machinery you can trust too.

With our team able to provide and operate our full range of Bobcat and Dingo hire machinery, you get the satisfaction of seeing your visions come to life with the peace of mind that comes from a professional service.

    Our range of Bobcat and Dingo Hire machinery can help with;
  • Soil removal
  • Rubbish removal
  • Turf preparation
  • Site leveling
  • Concrete and paving preparation

Leave the hard work to us and get in touch to organise your next equipment hire today.

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Unlike other contractors, we do not give quotes then change our price mid-project. Instead, when we give a quote, we make it exact and without variation in future. We will never try to renegotiate or charge you a higher price like others do.

To give an exact quote we need to know a short-list of vital details about your project, including dimensions, drainage details, the exact style you want, colours, textures and any other unique custom designs you may like to have.
To determine all the answers to your concreting questions we would need to visit your property to collect this data, with client visits a proud aspect of our service.
We are happy to come to your property and give you an obligation free quote. You will not receive any pressure sales from us. It's just our style. To get started simply call Jace, our lead concrete designer, on 0417 365 414.
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